About Eric

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Hello, I’m Eric.

I was born in South Korea, and I moved to Canada when I was four. I’m a Captain in the Canadian Armed Forces, and a Queen’s University MBA candidate. In my career in the army, I’ve had the honour of commanding hundreds of soldiers in many exciting projects and operations.

My passion is leadership because good leaders make people around them want to lead as well. Good leaders make good workplaces, families, and communities. Looking back at my career, I’m most proud of consistently receiving positive feedback as a leader in 360 degree evaluations. During my MBA I was rated the best team member to work with.

I value leadership a lot, and the most frustrating thing about leadership for me is that few people ever get the mentorship and coaching they need to become great leaders. Even worse, leadership “tips” found in literature often describe rigid guidelines on how to lead instead of trying to teach leadership as a way of thinking. The problem with this is that leadership doesn’t happen in a vacuum – following the “tips” at the wrong places, times, and with the wrong people can be bad! New leadership fads frequently appear in management literature and this makes it more confusing to learn leadership.

The goal of EricLearnsLeadership is to explain how to be a “good” leader in a way that is easy and understandable. Each post breaks down leadership as a function of your personal character and skills, the people around you, the situations you are in, and the outcomes towards which you aspire.

I hope it benefits you, and that you develop your leadership to benefit others.

-Eric Choi


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